Good Morning! Yes its Monday and I know the general consensus is that Monday is a negative thing. Back to the grind and its hard to kickstart our bodies after the weekend. I was also in this trench of dread but I have decided to change that. Follow me and let’s do this together!

Your reading this so that means you woke up today for a reason. As you look around you right now find at least one thing to be grateful for and smile to at least one person. Hug your loved ones as you decide what to conquer today. Maybe its just the fact you will put clothes on and get out of bed instead of hiding. I know that feeling trust me. It’s so easy to do and become a habit. Monday is a new day to be a new you. In fact each day you open your eyes means it’s a new page in your chapter of life.

Monday is another chance to do it the way you were born to do. Monday could be a day of even small steps. Whatever you want to change or accomplish use Monday as the new motivator instead of a day of evil. You don’t like your job? Use any spare time to rewrite your resume or go to talk to your boss about what you want your job to be. Sitting at home with screaming toddlers? Get them dressed and go for a walk let them scream in the fresh air. Smile anyway and remember you don’t get this moment back. Housework, bills etc will always be there. Sitting in front of the tv with a big plate of food or junk taking the place of human contact? Ditch it and go look in the mirror, love yourself today for the first time. Lets make Monday the day for all that is perfectly imperfect. Perfection is a myth and a pointless goal. Only you have the right to say what is perfect for you. Don’t let Photoshop or talks shows tell you what to do. Monday is the day for taking charge and don’t look forward or backwards. None of us are guaranteed anything more than today.

Don’t wish the day or week away. Work for today and whatever your dreams and passions are and don’t let anyone or anything stop you. What were your New Years resolutions? Did you celebrate Easter the biggest day of forgiveness and new beginnings? Whatever your beliefs rise up and stake your claim on today.

Has fear been sitting on your shoulder whispering in your ear? Lets knock it down together. I am so familiar with that little demon and I am so tired of wasting my time and energy with it. Lets be victorious today!

Right now join me in make Monday a good thing and a day for kicking ass!

Tell me your story or what you’re trying to overcome today. If you did do something to change your Monday share that with me as well!

Peace and love!



This blog is for all those who have always felt like they are on the outside looking in. The empaths, sensitive souls who are constantly questioning and seeking answers. Anyone who is damaged, unwanted, the underdogs. This is my purpose and calling in life. I want to create a place where you can come and feel safe and free. Follow me as I find my way, a stranger passing through. I will have travel, writing, lifestyle and anything else that happens in my life. It will be an honest account, a real connection that seems to be lacking today. I welcome you and I hope you will share your journey with me.

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