Hello and welcome to my new blog. This is just an introductory post and testing the waters. I will be using this blog not only for sharing information, reaching out to others but also to publish my writing.

I am 46 and have lived many lives it seems. I have endured many changes both physically and mentally. I am in a stage now of what they call the sandwich generation. I am helping my parents as well as my daughter who is 25. My dad is currently in hospice and has terminal lung cancer. I moved back to Texas in 2015 when he had his stroke to be his healthcare advocate. My dad is a Vietnam veteran and those of you have dealt with the VA understand why he needs a voice .I have grandchildren now which has made me see the world in a whole new way. All of these events and the traumatic events I left in California have me transforming myself once again. I now embrace change and never want to stop growing and learning.

I am learning to love myself as well as the voices in my head. The writing voices, the cries of those who have no voice but I can hear. This is the creative soul in me that is wanting to be let out and now is the time.

I have learned to embrace me and what my version of feminism is all about. I want to find and help others who need a voice or a light to shine on them so that they can stand tall.

I had wanted to start all of this last year but I was escaping an abusive relationship and dealing with some family issues. I realized I needed to do some self-healing before diving in. Now I am ready to jump in and let the real me out.

I am calling my blog wayfaring stranger because I have always felt like a stranger and have always been on the outside looking in. I was always different and never felt really at home. I realize its because I am not meant to be stationary nor a copy of anyone. My spirit wants to roam and connect with other misfits, outcasts and damaged souls.

I hope you will go on this journey with me and I hope to highlight your story in my blog.

Thank you for stopping by and remember to be kind and shine!


This blog is for all those who have always felt like they are on the outside looking in. The empaths, sensitive souls who are constantly questioning and seeking answers. Anyone who is damaged, unwanted, the underdogs. This is my purpose and calling in life. I want to create a place where you can come and feel safe and free. Follow me as I find my way, a stranger passing through. I will have travel, writing, lifestyle and anything else that happens in my life. It will be an honest account, a real connection that seems to be lacking today. I welcome you and I hope you will share your journey with me.

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